Why Los Cabos Is the Best Place to Travel In 2019

People always wish to have a luxury travel and there are many amazing destination places all over the world. But most of the people would choose Los Cabos as a best place for luxury travel, especially the people of Los Angeles often choose Los Cabos to have best vacation. This makes many people to think why Los Cabos remains as a luxury destination hotspot? This is a common doubt that prevails in minds of all people but the answer is so simple the Los Cabos is an iconic and favorite destination chosen by famous and rich people. Moreover, the Los Cabos holds many resorts theses facility also made many celebrities, politician, business men, company CEO’s and famous personalities to choose this place as a best one.

How to reach to Los Cabos?

The Los Cabos is located in the pacific coast, so one can reach there by only through airways. Many rich and famous people prefer to take private jets. After 2 hours later they can find that they are in tropical destination it may sounds like a person dream but in real it is true. The people can get a flight from Los Angeles it just take two and half hours to reach Los Cabos. By this way of travel there are many chances for unavailability of air tickets in order to sort out as a remedy there are several travel agency rises up. If people wish to go for Los Cabos with preplan the best option is to go with travel agencies since they would arrange all transportation like taxi from airport to accommodation place and even more.

Moreover the Los Cabos is famous for seaside resort and travel luxury market which is not only attracted by tourist travelers it also attracted by many Hollywood film celebrities who made Los Cabos as a premium hotspot destination for filming too.

Famous destination spots in Los Cabos:

The Los Cabos is generally known as sun kissed destination where people find lot of attraction place in it. Although there are several attracting places available in the Los Cabos it is better to preplan about visiting places which helps to avoid place miss out. To make simple for people here are famous and never miss out spots of Los Cabos are listed below.

  • Lover beach picnic
  • Snorkel at Santa Maria beach
  • Stroll through San Jose del cabo
  • Whale watching
  • Swim with sea lions

Lover Beach picnic: this is a famous tourist spot in Los Cabos where a sand slip connects sea of cortez and pacific. This place has this name especially because the two water bodies would kiss each other during storm. This beach is best for afternoon picnic since it is in middle of water bodies travelers should hire or book for water taxi from vendors at marina. Even they can use the same driver to return back, here travelers can enjoy swimming, water playing and sit in pristine sand under shadow of El Arco. Travelers can also book panga style glass bottom boats to enjoy full site of beach.

Snorkel at Santa Maria beach: here travelers can experience with marine creatures the beach remains be schools of many fishes like pork fish, clown fish and angel fish while swimming all would ripple around the swimmer or it may graze the legs of swimmer. To enjoy the calm, quiet blue beach and marine sanctuary is to have charter boat in total. The sail ride would take about 3 hours were travelers are made with all facilities of food and drink.

Stroll through San Jose Del cabo: it is 300 years old town architecture galleries were tourist visitors are served with wine or mescal in small glass. Here touristers can browse for several handcrafts of India, leather handbags, peasant breezy dress and embroider table linens. This gallery is best place to visit at evening but travelers should ensure to bring their own vino.

Whale watching: here travelers can greet their eyes with plenty of whale movement this is possible only in month of November to march. Only on that time whales would return back to region to give birth and return back to Alaska towards north on summer. Travelers can have a boat trip which takes about 3 hours where they can see lots of whales near and enjoy other giant marine creatures too.

Swim with sea lions: people can never miss out an excursion to cabo pulmo national Marine Park where touristers can have great enjoyment like scuba diving, sport fishing and snorkeling or they can also swim with friendly sea lions.

Accommodation and hotel policies:

If you are planing to travel distance destination place accommodation are remains to be more important. As Los Cabos remains to be a famous destination hotspot for celebrities, business people and famous personalities always they need privacy. To maintain privacy most of the hotels in Los Cabos strictly avoid unknown visitors, photographers and media peoples inside the hotel. In addition travelers can also book a villa in Los Cabos which would give home based vacation and they can also enjoy the high seas cottage dinner or in most exclusive restaurant or even more. If people book for home villas all travelers would have fear about cleaning and cooking but in Las cabos it is entirely different. Here all villas are provided with butler and chef so people no need to have any tension regarding cooking. The travelers can just let the chef to know about the food list on previous day and enjoy their delicious meal.

What made Los Cabos travel luxurious?

In common the villa is said to be luxurious since it is filled with other amenities such as greenly and tropical gardens, infinity swim pool, swim up bar, hot tub, alfresco dinning space, fire pit, pizza and barbeque oven, expansive terrace and outdoor spaces. Moreover all villas are located in front of Pacific Ocean where people can enjoy sight of blue sea from veranda and even enjoy breathtaking view of sunrise and sunset. All these made Los Cabos travel a luxurious one.

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